April 25-27, 2008
Phelps School, 4451 Old School Rd, Phelps, WI 54554
Hosted by the Shires of Mistig Waetru and Skerjastrond

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Count on joining us at Bardic Madness, where Northshielders and their friends from all over the Known World rise to bardic challenges! An extra huzzah: it's also the 20th anniversary of Mistig Waetru's founding! Our site allows us plenty of room to sleep over both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday will be the main event day, but you’ll want to be there all weekend! You can expect a delicious feast, a Sunday morning fighter practice, two evening bardic circles, performances of all kinds, classes, and the realization that it all adds up...YOU are a part of the Northshield bardic community!

Our theme this year: Numbers, in all their infinite possibility!

Huh? What is this?

Bardic Madness is an SCA event which rotates around the Kingdom of Northshield, featuring the bardic arts: story, song, music, poetry, drama, dance, etc. The intent is to provide a bardic safe space where people can try new things, stretch themselves, and rise to a host of non-competitive challenges in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Applause is usual; thunderous applause is earned. The challenges will be published in advance on several e-mail lists, in the Northwatch, and on this website, so you can take a look at what interests you and prepare to participate. Or, just come to enjoy the performances, great classes on bardic and historical topics, and a wondrous Roman/Arabic-themed feast and hospitality given by our hosts!

General information


Merchants welcome, especially those selling bardic-related wares--no merchant fee, contact event steward.

Can I teach a class?

Thank you so much for your offer to add to the event! Our class slots are full.

Event staff

Site autocrat (for logistics and general questions): Lady Freydis in tryggva Sigurdardottir, 27593 Red Rock Rd., Lake Linden, MI, 49945; (906) 523-4258 (no calls after 10 pm, please)
Provost (for questions about challenges, patronage, classes, and other event content): Mistress Eliane Halevy, (608) 238-7627
Feastocrat: Lady Johanna Swynford, (906) 360-4193; Head Cook: Lord Andrew the Tinker
Troll/Exchequer: Lady Margyt Weaver (Jessica Speer), Box 362, Rockland, MI 49960, (906) 886-3672
Royalty Liaison:Freydis (see above)
Hospitaller (lodging information): THL Amytis de Fontaine, (715) 545-3180

This webpage provides information about Bardic Madness 18 in the Kingdom of Northshield. It is not an official publication of the SCA, Inc. nor any of its groups or officers. In case of conflict, event staff should be regarded to have the most definitive information, then paper versions. Eliane is updating this page; please send her any questions or concerns about it. Thank you for reading this far, and hope to see you there!

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