Lady Johanna Swynford, the Feastocrat, and Lord Andrew the Tinker, Head Cook, accompanied by their helpers, will serve forth a beauteous feast on Saturday evening. Making delicious use of the event theme, "Numbers", they will honor the sources of our modern numerals with courses of Arabic dishes, followed by Roman delicacies. The menu follows:

On the Table:

cheese round with herbs
olive paste with herbs
eggplant and yogurt sauce

Arabic Course:

chicken with pomegranate sauce
meat (beef) roasted over coals
lentil pilaf

Roman Course:

chicken in sweet and sour sauce
carrots and parsnips in wine sauce
baked ham in pastry with figs
squash in cumin sauce
mixed greens with oenogarum


cheesecake with honey and poppy seeds
hais (pistachio and almond balls)
melon with mint dressing

Please pre-register for Feast by April 11. 100 feasters will be accomodated at Feast. Find the pre-registration form here.

There will be space for off-board attendees at Feast, so that those not preferring to partake of the Feast will be able to attend and enjoy the Challenge performances that take place during it.

If you have dietary restrictions, please contact the Feastocrat as soon as possible (contact information on the main page).

Last updated: 4/13/08