Rules for participating in Challenges:
  1. Challenges are not competitions. You win by entering.
  2. There are 10 slots per challenge...first come, first served. Each person may sign up for a maximum of four challenges.
  3. Please limit each performance to 5-7 minutes maximum, to be fair to others.
  4. Only one piece per performer per challenge (i.e., you can't sign up for the same challenge twice).
  5. This is a family show; if you have a bawdy piece to perform, it might be better received at the post-revel.
  6. This is a bardic safe space. Take chances, be creative, put your heart into it, and have fun!
Fyt the First:

Ensemble Tale
All those who wish to participate get up together, and tell a tale from beginning to end, with the sponsor 'conducting' by pointing to the person whose turn it is to continue the tale, and deciding when it is time to end. You might get pointed at multiple times, so be ready! Patron: Dahrien Cordell

The Oakhart Challenge: The Difference 100 Years Makes...
In story, song, poem, riddle, music, or dance, share two perspectives (of one family, thing, event, or place) and how things either change or stay the same given a 100 year separation. Originator: Flori de Josselin; Patron: Master Owen Alun

Safety in Numbers
Some people enjoy performing with a group, but are terrified at the thought of performing alone. Find some folks who know a piece you know and perform it together. Could be any kind of piece (song, poem, dance, drama...)! Originator: THL Kudrun the Pilegrim, Patron:

Fyt the Second:

Authenticity's Delight: Songs in 3/4 time
Perform a piece documentable to SCA period, or perform an original piece of song, music or poetry (yours or someone else's) in a period style. It must be in time! Plan to briefly introduce the piece by saying what style it is in, and from when/where. Three-quarter time is when there are three beats to the measure. Think waltz (though waltzes aren't period!). Any compound meter is fine (3/8, 6/8, etc.). If you're unsure if your piece will work, ask the provost! Originator: Ysolt Pais de Cuer; Patron: Baroness Eithni ingen Talorgain

Brought to You by the Number 3
Triads (groups of three things) are useful, fun, and subtle.
They can be lists, or sequences, or a set of associated things.
They can be performed, used as mnemonics, or embedded in other works.
Present one or more triads on their own, or embodied in another work. Originator: Owen Alun; patron: Viscountess Elashava bas Riva

Mistig Waetru: Honor Her Stories
In song, story, poem, or other performing art form, honor the history or current life of the Shire of Mistig Waetru since its founding in A.S. 22 as the Canton of the College of Northern Highlands of the Barony of Andelcrag. Patron: Ulfin of Wyrmgeard

Fyt the Third:

You Can Always Count On A Counting Song
Counting Songs are those that use numbers and counting to help the singers learn and remember a lesson; there are many examples throughout period. Write a new counting song for us, then you and/or someone else share it with us today! (Northshield counting songs are highly encouraged!) Originator: Dahrien Cordell; Patron: Ysolt Pais du Cuer

They Say the Bardic Fires Still Burn on Broadway
Help write the musical about Northshield! Filk (write new words to) a musical theatre song of your choice. Lyrics should be about Northshield, its land and people, and/or its beginnings as a Kingdom. Perform it (or get a friend to perform it) in musical theatre style. Originator: Genevieve Elisabeth Dumas; Patron: Master Ingus Moen

Quod Libet
How are your persuasive speaking skills? Given a proposition, take a deep breath and present an argument for or against it. Propositions (of the Philosophical, Logical, Legal, Rhetorical, etc. kind) will be solicited from the audience. Patron: THL Toshikage

Fyt the Fourth, the Feast Fyt:

Bard Scribe Illuminator
Given a subject in the morning, compose, calligraph, and illuminate a text on that subject. This may be done individually or as a team. Patron: Kristyan Applegate

Royal Challenge: (to be announced) Patrons: Their Royal Majesties of Northshield (beginning on April 19), Mary and Lars

Blow Someone Else's Horn
Perform the work of some other SCA person, either as tribute to someone who could not be with us at the event, or to show off the work of a friend who's there. Extra applause for memorizing, and for doing something that is not well-known. Originators: Ysolt/Dahrien; Patron: Constanza de Sevilla

Questions about the challenges? Contact Eliane, the Provost (contact info on the main page).

Last updated: 4/19/08