Eliane's Bardic Book

Hello and welcome to my Bardic Book: bardic stuff written, translated, and/or arranged by my SCA persona, Lady Eliane Halevy, who is really me, but there's no WAY I'm going to get into that discussion here.

Each song has at least a MIDI file, and sometimes words and a discussion of the song (if there are no words, this either means the words are copyrighted, or I haven't gotten around to putting them into HTML yet). I will NOT be loading .wavs or .mp3s of these pieces since I do not have the recording equipment or software to produce them.

Pieces posted here are either my own work, or my re-workings of works that are out of copyright or used with permission. I do not plan to make this a repository of other bards' works, so please do not mail me your lyrics/.mid files to post here. A good place to find other bards' works, as well as primary source materials, is the SCA Minstrel page and the many repositories to which it links, at: http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/minstrel.html.

I should not have to even say this, but use of the original works/arrangements listed below is limited to non-profit, non-recorded performances by individuals. All lyrics and tunes written by me, or translations of existing lyrics, are copyright J. Friedman and may not be reproduced in print or in electronic format without my express (written) permission. You may link to this page (http://www.gflower.org/bardic.htm) or to my main page at http://www.gflower.org/, which will always have a link to this one. If in doubt whether your use of a song in this collection is lawful, e-mail me and I will be the final judge.

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Last modified: 11/4/04