Quotes on which to meditate...

"Trust in God, but tie up your camel." --Indian proverb

"Nothing brings people together like a bad software program." --Terry Wilcox, ILL Librarian, Wisconsin Reference & Loan Library

"The world is full of buttons, but none of them are mine." --Jen Smith

"It feels like we're being pecked to death by ducks." --Capt. Janeway of the Voyager, on the threat of attack by the Kaazon

"A young woman who is not only a college graduate with library school training and experiences....[she] must be able to get along with Western people, ride and drive, as well as pack a horse, follow a trail, shoot straight, run an automobile, and be able to 'rough it' whenever necessary."--Mabel Wilkinson on the requirements for librarians interested in moving West to take a library job, quoted in Cultural Crusaders: Women Librarians in the American West, 1900-1917 by Joanne E. Passet

I can't shoot straight, but I think I could powwow with Injuns if I had to.--Jennifer

"And furthermore...let the chickens GO!" --Marie Vogel, North Dakota State Library cataloging technician, on what to do when your chicken coop door is stuck open during a blizzard

"I tried that experiment where you carry around a sack of flour 24 hours a day, to test whether you're ready to be a parent. But I was taking it way too seriously. Every night I had a nightmare where my sack of flour was abducted--and the kidnappers kept mailing me muffins." --from a gag on Frasier

"It's always okay not to give up on a relationship...unless you're stalking someone." --Bonnie Denmark Friedman's sage relationship advice

"I know how well I don't fly." --Peg Allen on her worries about plane travel

"I cannot emphasize enough how inappropriate it is to offer someone bacon from your coat pocket." --Matthias from the #SCA IRC channel

"Tomorrow will be a splendid day full of happy poetry followed by the gross inebriation of the Autocrat. Looking forward to it all." --Lady Roxelana, mka Jonalee Crabb, autocrat (event coordinator) for Bardic Madness X, Feb. 12, 2000

"Japanese politics are not as interesting as Japanese seismic activity." --Lady Rochl, mka Emily Benwitz, writing from Japan

"Rosenberg's First Law of Reading: Never apologize for your reading tastes." --from the e-mail signature file of Lee Harris, Sunriver, OR Public Library

Chandler: "I dunno, I just am not someone who cries."
Joey: "What, even when Bambi's mother died, you didn't cry?"
Chandler: "Yes. Yes, I cried when the man stopped drawing the deer."
--from a gag on Friends

"Women! They want your attention on them every waking minute...and when they fall asleep, you should sketch that."
--Ray Romano on David Letterman, 7/13/00

"Everything has value relative to the amount of effort and heart put into it. The most valuable of all things is being wanted: for any reason, or none at all."
--Lord Cu'gan on the Northshield Hall mailing list, 8/15/00

"I'll just drape myself in this old bed sheet, hoist my boobs up with a piece of leather and I'll be all set."
--Sarra of Rokeclif, on how some people prepare their costumes for the Renaissance Faire, 9/11/00

"All of us necessarily hold many casual opinions that are ludicrously wrong simply because life is far too short for us to think through even a small fraction of the topics that we come across."
--Julian Simon

"To my mind the single greatest strength of the SCA is its humor. When the wit dies, the wisdom goes with it. Fun is where you find it."
--Jon Larsen/Fiskr, imploring us not to take ourselves too seriously, from Northshield Hall e-mail list, 2/17/01

"It's like when you lure in a timid woodland creature with breadcrumbs and then hit him on the head with a hammer."
--Adelaide de Beaumont on the PBardic listserv, describing the effect that well-meaning but overzealous people can have

"I just love to sing. What can I say? It makes me feel like I'm being gently chucked under the chin by God."
--Character on "Will and Grace"

"Ambrosius, I don't know you, but I have scotch. You can have some."
--Dray Pillbiddit of Schattentor, neatly summing up one of the basic philosophies of the SCA, 8/8/2002

"Next door, a rope-frame bed creaks.
Envy and amusement vie."
--portion of the long poem made at the renga party at Pennsic XXXI, describing Pennsic, cited in an e-mail by Ana R. de Guzman, 8/28/2002

"I don't claim to be unbiased, but my prejudices are amazingly well-informed."--Cecil Adams
"For risk of life and limb, the SCA rewards us with glory and coveted position. For the risk of *self* that a bard gives, the rewards are more intangible but so much closer to the heart."--Muskrat (mka Mark S. Morley), a bard from Calontir, in an e-mail 3/30/04
"I cannot understand why there would ever be LEFTOVER SHORTBREAD!"--Orakeja Oattarson, a bard from Calontir, in an e-mail 3/9/06 Send Jennifer any profundities you think she should consider for inclusion here.

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