New Innsbruck lyrics for Northshield's First Coronation

by Andrew MacBaine the Purple (mka Drew Nicholson)

The time has come, fair Northshield,
And to you now a Kingdom yield,
We bid a farewell mild
From Dragon Kingdom to child.
You now go out into the world
With banner proud unfurled. (2x)

Oh fair Northshield, how you've grown...
And now a King and Queen your own
Our nestling now a bird
Now hear these soft farewell words
So now, our dearest friend,
Time for your long childhood to end. (2x)

Now pay no mind to these tears
They are of joy, and not of fears,
You really are not gone,
And may our friendship last long
So to your lands you go
And pride in your we will always know. (2x)

posted on 9/30/04 by Eliane