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This page is for members and friends of the Northshield Choir. Singers can use the electronic musical files listed below (called MIDI files) to help them learn their parts more easily and quickly. The files listed below are not complete listings of everything the Choir has performed, especially for the earlier performances. All pieces listed have MIDIs for the complete piece (or, a verse and the chorus if the music is the same for all verses). Most pieces also have separate files for each voice part, so you can hear it separately if this helps you learn your part.

If you have trouble hearing any of the MIDI files when you click on them, first troubleshoot your speakers: are they turned on? Are they plugged into the electrical outlet, the computer, each other (if necessary)? Is their volume dial turned all the way down? How about the volume controlled through your computer (click on the small yellow speaker somewhere on the lower right corner of your screen)? Keep in mind it is possible that the computer you're using has no speakers. You may be able to use Walkman headphones to listen to the files. If this isn't your computer, ask the owner or staff about the possibility of borrowing headphones before you crawl under the desk and plug in yours.

The transcriptions listed below, NOT the pieces or arrangements themselves, are ©Jennifer Friedman (unless otherwise indicated), and may not be recopied or republished in print or on the Internet, nor copied to any other computer except as necessary for listening.

Take a look at these photos from our very first performance, at Warriors & Warlords VI, July 1999. Coordinator: Lady Elaine de Beauchamps. Directors: Lord John Chandler Greyfeather and (then) Lady Yasamin al-Hadiyya.

Photo credits: someone from Falcon's Keep.

2001 photos from Warriors & Warlords VIII:

Photo credits: Christine Senfft von Pilsach. Scanning: Mistress Elashava bas Riva (mka Susan Gilbert).


1999 Summer Season (Warriors & Warlords performance)

1999 Fall Season (Middle Kingdom Coronation performance, Windhaven)

Winter Performance 1999-2000 (Nordskogen 12th Night)

2000 Summer Season (Warriors & Warlords performance)

2001 Spring-Summer Season

2001 Winter Season

2002 Spring/Summer Season

2003 Summer: A Concert of the Seasons

Also known as "the yellow set".

2003-2004 Yule Concert

Also known as "the blue set". Full lyrics (or links to lyrics) for Green Growth the Holly, Edi Beo Thu, and Riu, Riu Chiu are on
this page.

2004 Warriors and Warlords Concert

Theme: "The Music of a Single Day". We will recreate the songs that an ambassador to the court of Elizabeth I might hear over the course of one day.

Fall 2004 (Coronation Concert)

The pieces we'll be doing at
Northshield First Coronation will be the same as those included in the Rousing Concert from 2003.

Summer 2005 (Warriors and Warlords concert)

Winter 2005 (Boar's Head concert)

Rehearsal Schedule and Choir News:

Purple's list of pieces for Boar's Head 2005 on Dec. 10, 2005, in West Bend, WI, about half an hour north of Milwaukee:

Rehearsal will be from 1 to 3 pm in Classroom B. Our performance time isn't known yet--probably late afternoon. Check with Heregyth and watch the listserv for up-to-the-moment news!
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To send messages to the list once subscribed, send them to:

The Northshield Choir received the Award of the Grove from Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom, Finn and Tamara, at Boar's Head in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, December, A.S. XXXVI. The Award of the Grove is given to a group in recognition of excellence in the arts.

This is the badge of the Grove.

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