MIDI Transcriptions

This page lists some MIDI files that I've been transcribing from stuff in my Big Box 'O' Music, and things that I've run across in choir. Click on the song title to hear the piece after a short loading time. (If you get an error message, you may need to download a MIDI plug-in; there is one for Netscape here, at LiveUpdate/Crescendo. Current versions of IE and Netscape have integrated media players that handle MIDI files.)

I have long been a fan of MIDI files, and my favorite website is still the Silvis Woodshed, a fabulous treasure trove of MIDI files of choral music. The idea is that they are electronic tones, like the synthesizer you played around with in high school, and so reproduce the rhythm and pitches of a piece of music in a much more precise manner than a recording. (MIDI files also take up less Internet bandwidth than .wav or other audio files.)

Yes, you lose the dynamic range and the 'heart and soul' of a real musical performance, but when a person needs to learn notes, or get the 'gist' of a piece, a MIDI file can act as a quick working sketch of the piece. This is why they do not replace a recording, in my opinion, and why I feel justified in posting MIDI files of copyrighted scores on the Internet.

(Please do not blast me with angry e-mails about why all MIDIs of published music are evil and the Library of Congress is going to slam me in jail. I am a librarian and have studied copyright law. It is my belief that MIDIs do not constitute an infringement of copyright law. They even help create a market for published scores/recordings, since conductors need a place where they can first hear a piece in order to become interested in performing it/hearing a recording, and singers cannot learn a performable piece without a printed score in front of them. Note that I do not include words with my sequences. Good luck singing these songs without them. ;) )

Of course, my beliefs on this issue won't prevent my being sued by publishers if they feel litigious one sunny Tuesday, so if you are a publisher or other interested party and feel you have a legitimate reason why I should remove a file from my site, please e-mail me and let me know. I would simply ask that you first consider the facts about choral music: that MIDIs, scores, and recordings play three very different roles in the teaching and performance of these pieces.

You are welcome to link to this page from yours. Copyright note: The transcriptions listed below, NOT the pieces or arrangements themselves, are ©Jennifer Friedman, and may not be recopied or republished in print or on the Internet, nor copied to any other computer except as necessary for listening.

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Last modified: 11/4/07