Challenges, Bardic Madness XX, Feb. 27, 2010

In the fyne Barony of Windhaven


Rules for participating in challenges:

  1. Challenges are not competitions. You win by entering.
  2. There are 10 slots per challenge...first come, first served. Each person may sign up for a maximum of four challenges.
  3. Please limit each performance to 5-7 minutes maximum, to be fair to others.
  4. Only one piece per performer per challenge (i.e., you can't sign up for the same challenge twice).
  5. This is a family show; if you have a bawdy piece to perform, it might be better received at the post-revel.
  6. This is a bardic safe space. Take chances, be creative, put your heart into it, and have fun!

Fyt the First:

Ensemble Tale

All those who wish to participate get up together, and tell a tale from the end to the beginning. You read that right; the title of this year’s story is “Wait…how did we get here?” The patron will “conduct” by pointing to the person whose turn it is to continue the tale—backwards! You  might get pointed at multiple times, so be ready! Patron: Dahrien Cordell


And Around, and Around

The cycle of the year inspires us and brings around events that can only take place at their particular time of the year. What is the season or weather that inspires you? What parts of the yearly event cycle in the SCA have happy memories for you? Present a song, poem, brief story, or other performance on this topic. Originator: Eliane; Patron: Mistress Elashava bas Riva

Just Playing Around
An instrumental challenge: play a round instrument, either by itself, or accompanying yourself or someone else. Patron: THL Tyzes Sofia, called Zsof

Fyt the Second:


Authenticity’s Delight: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Perform an original piece (yours or someone else’s) in a period style, or perform a piece documentable to SCA period. Plan to briefly introduce the piece by saying what style it is in, and from when/where. Originator: Ysolt Pais du Cuer; Patron: Master Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev

Grand Rounds

A round is a vocal piece where different voices sing the same music at different times, creating harmony from melody.  Gather some friends and perform a round—maybe one you learned at this morning’s class or another you know, one you wrote, or perhaps a melody that you’ve found also works as a round! Patron: Iohanna Carracci

Royal Challenge: Wuv, Twoo Wuv…

As always, wuv is a big part of what bwings us togevver today. King Siegfried and Queen Elizabeth ask for your best songs, poetry, stories, etc. relating to the joy of true love. In return, They will be offering a lovely wooden harp as a prize for Their (or Their designee’s) favorite performance. Extra applause for Princess Bride references or for finding a use for the word “schmoopy”. Patrons: Their Royal Majesties, Siegfried and Elizabeth

Fyt the Third:

The Past Builds the Present

Remind us of something that happened in our collective past that is important to remember in our present. What was the event, and how or why does it continue to matter to us as we move forward? Use poetry, story, song, or other performance to focus on how we learn from and build upon our experiences and how the knowledge of the past enriches our lives. Originator and Patron: Owen Alun  



A poetry form derived from medieval song forms, the rondeau is a delight to write and a great rhyming exercise. Write and perform a rondeau. There will be a class on this form in the morning class session. For more information, consult your Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, or see:   Patron:  Baroness Deirdre Wydeville

Blow someone else’s horn

Perform the work of some other SCA person, either as tribute to someone who could not be with us at the event, or to show off the work of a friend who’s there. Extra applause for memorizing, and for performing something that is not well-known. New wrinkle this year: We’ll have a special chair up front for the author of your piece, if they are in attendance, to be recognized for their work! Originators: Ysolt/Dahrien; Patron: Master Ingus Moen

Fyt the Fourth (Feast Fyt):

Bard Scribe Illuminator

Given a subject in the morning, compose, calligraph, and illuminate a text on that subject. This may be done individually or as a team. Extra applause given for performing the piece, too! Patron: Christian d'Hiver

Every Ending is a New Beginning

Everyone loves a happy ending, but a happy ending that could be the beginning of another adventure is even better. Present a work that gives a new chapter to a well-known tale or new verses to a beloved song. Originator: Eithni; Patron: Mistress Rose Marian of Edgewater

Coming Home

In Northshield we value our homeland and many of our songs celebrate it. Present a song that sings the praises of Northshield, your local group, or some other place you consider home. Originator: Eithni; Patron: Her Stellar Highness, Princess Sigrid de la Mare


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